Man & Woman of the Year and Heart of Gold Award

Man & Woman of the Year and Heart of Gold Award
Posted on 06/10/2017
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Man and Woman of the Year2 

The procedure for nominating and selecting the Man and Woman of the Year shall be as follows:

1. There must be a nominator who will submit a nomination in writing on a form provided and approved by the selection committee to include the relevant information about the nominee. To prevent the process from being a “popularity contest,” the committee will be charged to base their decision on the information provided in the nomination submitted, not on the personal knowledge that they might or might not have of the nominee.

2. The nominator shall submit their name, address, and phone number in case the selection committee should need additional information.

3. The nominator would be any member of the Sharyland Community and final selection will be made by the Executive Officers and the SISD Education Foundation.

4. The selection will be made on the basis of all around contributions to the community, not just for extraordinary performance in the individual’s business or employment. The nominee should have a consistent track record of accomplishments rather than being honored for a single act of merit; although a single contribution or achievement is not ruled out if it is of sufficient importance.

5. The term “community” as used above should be taken to relate to the “area” served by the Sharyland Independent School District.

6. Those currently holding a political office (other than school board) should not be eligible for nomination. 

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